Set out below are images of some of the paintings that were to be shown at the postponed exhibition at the Barn Gallery at St John's College, Oxford - now postponed till June 2021

  • The initial paintings, on 60 x 60 cm boards, reflect a domestic warmth and cosseted interiors with glimpses of an exterior night. Rich reds, oranges and yellows provide a sense of benificent isolation. You can sense this in paintings such as, 'Untitled Interiors', 1, 2, and 3, or 'Interior with Still Life', amongs others.
  • A more unconstrained atmosphere is reflected in a change of palette, with cooler colurs and different surfaces - mainly paper. Walking in the local woods gave rise to different sensations. You can see this in paintings such as 'Through the Spring Window' 1 and 2, or 'Untitled Exterior', all done on paper.
  • The last set of paintings in this series express light and colour. Again the palette changes with more yellows and pinks apparent. These are totally expressionistic, but coincided with the discovery of poems  of a US road trip from 1968. The conjunction of these two elements is clearly expressed in the sub-headings for the paintings. The media are more mixed with acrylic, oil and some collage, being used. Take a look at 'We Came to Water' , 'Forest Glade', and 'Torn Apart'.
  • As the Summer went on, a more contemplative approach to landscape is evident in paintings such as 'The Way to Plenty' 1 and 2, and the 'Clints' series, all on canvas. However there's always room for 'plein air' sketches, such as 'Sketches for Balcary' and 'Cevennes 1'.


Jon Rowland Art